2018 Travel Trends

2018 Travel Trends

Every year we see changes in traveler’s behavior, what they look for and where they want to go next. Paying close attention to these shifts helps us design experiences that will cater to their always changing needs and wants. What will the world of traveling market look like in 2018? At Your Concierge, we have gathered a few of our favorite 2018 travel trends. Take a look at the list and download our app to start designing your next vacation experience.

Multigenerational Travel

On the other spectrum side, more and more people are choosing to travel with members of different generations, from grandparents to cousins. Destinations with family friendly activities and options that cater to all and everyone, such as Dominican Republic, are perfect for traveling with the whole family members.

Multi Destination

One thing is certain: travelers are getting creative and finding new ways to make the best out of their vacation. With less available time to vacation each year, travelers are choosing to visit more than one destination during their trip. Your Concierge App takes that trend to next level, allowing travelers to book different hotels and activities in different cities of the Dominican Republic, or even charter a private jet to hop into another Caribbean island during their vacations.

Internet and Apps

The Internet has made our lives easier, and traveling is no exception. Nowadays we can make all travel arrangements online or through specialized apps like Your Concierge. Flights, accommodations, tours, restaurants, everything you need for a vacation of lifetime can be arranged through one single place without having the hassle of wasting time on different internet pages. Our App offers all that with the benefit of a personalized concierge team in order to be able to answer all your questions and concerns at any moment.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Everyday, more people choose a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle based on the benefits to their health, the planet and, of course, the animals. That’s why travelers are choosing destinations with vegan/vegetarian eateries and vegan/vegetarian friendly dining options. Your Concierge features some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Dominican Republic.

Wellness Vacation

With people becoming more conscious about their health and well-being, it’s not a surprise that wellness vacation have become a trend that’s on the rise. Following that trend, more and more resorts throughout the Caribbean are offering a variety of wellness options for their guests, such as spa treatments, yoga, full equipped gyms and much more.

Solo Travel

Solo Travel was a big trend in 2017 and it’s not going to change. Going on adventure and getting to know new places by yourself gives you incredible opportunities that you may not have when traveling with a group or partner.

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