The Dominican Republic offers the greatest variety where beach relaxation, golf, ecotourism, excursions, shopping and nightlife attractions are concerned. The Dominican Republic is like a miniature continent. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can visitors experience climbing to the top of the highest peak, visiting the largest sand dunes, gazing at the longest stretches of uninterrupted beach, or discovering the cultural heritage of the first city in the New World. The #1 golf destination in the Caribbean and Latin America with over 25 designer golf courses nationwide surrounded by heavenly white sand beaches and a wide range of world class accommodations. It’s local specialties such as cigars, rum, chocolate, coffee, amber, larimar, and its dancing rhythms of Merengue and Bachata, makes it even more unique.

Why not splitting your vacations in 3 different cities?

We carefully chose the best of each city for you. Consider arriving at one airport and departing from another, combining destinations within the country for a fuller experience. From the amazing beaches and excursions in Punta Cana, the Golf packages and lifestyle experiences in La Romana, to encountering the luxe and unique new gastronomic trends in Santo Domingo ending up in amazing Latin flavor night events. The featured selection of attractions and activities is varied because we know that no two guests are the same.

Ask now our Concierge Team about local important features and tips for your trip such as time zone, currency, climate, Airport Entry and Departure requirements, among other information you could need.


The capital city is known for vibrant nightlife, fashionable shopping, world class gastronomy, culture and history. Starting point for the Spanish colonization of the Americas, city of parks and cradle of baseball game.

The capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, with its new “So Happy” city brand, is the most active metropolis in the entire Caribbean. It’s where business and government deals happen. The city is constantly evolving to cater to the thousands that are attracted by its contrasting modern lifestyle. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife, International five star hotels, fashionable shopping malls and superb restaurants managed by world class chefs seeking the mix between the best of local products and the imported products.


Known for Golfer’s paradise, yachting, horseback riding, miles of beach, Altos de Chavón, Park of the East Saona and Catalina excursions, among others.

La Romana was positioned by Casa de Campo on the travel map as a tropical golfer’s paradise in the 70s. Over the years, the destination has added more worldclass golf courses. To complement the golfers, yachtsmen and water sports buffs join horseback riders, weekend cyclists, tennis fans, hunters and skeet shooters alike who all enjoy mingling with the Dominican Republic’s jet-setters. The city was originally built around and maintained by the large sugar mill years before tourism became the mainstay in this region. Even now, the seasonal production of sugar fills the air with the sweet smell of molasses and the design of the La Romana International Airport (LRM) mirrors a sugar cane mill, as a reminder of the days when sugar was king.


Known for golf, catamaran and yachts boat rides, party boats, sports fishing, diving, zip lines, surfing, fine dining, concerts, and nightlife, among others.

The 50-km eastern coastal stretch from Uvero Alto to Cap Cana is for people of all ages who are primarily in search of rest, relaxation and water fun. All-inclusive resorts prevail in this area, making vacations very carefree. Because of the lovely beach settings, weddings are frequently held at resorts. Most hotels attract families by offering child-friendly facilities. The area has gone upscale, with a handful of award-winning boutique hotels and luxury resorts. Most of the older hotels in the area have renovated to offer larger plush facilities, seeking to cater to the more discerning Generation X and the affluent Millenials that seek the ultimate in comfort in the Caribbean. Punta Cana International Airport is the preferred port of entry, from which area hotels are a 10- to 45-minute drive away. The turquoise waters of the ocean and the contrasting white sands of most eastern beaches create a lasting impression that entices visitors to spread the word about “Punta Cana”.



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