Santo Domingo Colonial City

Take a Walk Around the Colonial City of Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic has everything you are looking for: outstanding beaches, delicious food and an impressive manifestation of history and culture. Next time you visit the island, take a day to explore the Colonial City of Santo Domingo – the first city founded in America, on a private tour, which you can arrange by yourself with our Your Concierge app or directly with our staff by e-mail.

The Colonial City of Santo Domingo is located on the Southern coast of the Hispaniola island by the Ozama River and features a wide variety of historical museums, monuments and colonial houses. Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Colonial City of Santo Domingo was the headquarter of the first institutions in the Americas, and has exercised a strong influence in the development of other Caribbean cities in particular and the American continent in general.

Also, you will be able to live exciting culinary experiences based on the local modern Gastronomy.

Oh, the Places You’ll Visit!

Embarking on a day tour to the Colonial City means visiting some of the first edifications of the New World. A city bordered by walls, bastions and forts, with 32 streets with constructions of one or two levels with stone, brick or earthen walls will give you a taste of the magic, history and romance of this city.

Here are a few of the places you’ll visit.

Cathedral of Santa María la Menor

Dedicated to St. Mary of the Incarnation, the Cathedral of Santa María la Menor is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. It has the honorary title of “Primate of the Americas” because Santo Domingo was the first Catholic diocese established in the New World.

Alcazar de Colón

The Alcazar de Colón is the oldest Vice regal residence in America, which houses the Alcazar de Diego Colón Museum. Its collections exhibit the Caribbean’s most important ensemble of European late medieval and Renaissance works of art.

Museo de las Casas Reales

The Museum of Royal Houses is one of the most important monuments in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. The building dates back to the sixteenth century and was built to house the administrative offices of the Spanish colonies in the Americas

Las Damas Street

East of Parque Colón, the cobblestone Calle Las Damas is the New World’s oldest paved street, dating from 1502. The street is bordered by many of the zone’s more prominent landmarks, including Fortaleza Ozama, Casa de Bastidas and the National Pantheon of the Dominican Republic.

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